Application Security

Application Security

We harden your software

For a long time information security focused mainly on the protection of it infrastructure. However in times of interconnected business processes this does not work anymore. Applications have to be accessible by everyone around the planet and provide information in real time. “Classic” security products, like firewalls, can’t protecct you from attacks on the application layer. That is why application security gets more and more important.

With our services we help you to ensure that your application can defend themselves. We support you during the development of your product, to provide you with security in the most cost-effective way. This will additionaly aid your reputation as a company, as basic security features will be considered right from the start.



We help you design a secure software architecture and support you implement a secure development process. With structured interviews we show additional organizational improvement opportunities.



A training, tailored to your needs, ensures your developers know security related pitfalls. This decreases the overall amount of vulnerabilities implemented during development.



After your development has finished, we conduct a conculding penetration test, to ensure every security requirement was considered and vulnerabilities are identified.