Penetration tests

Penetrationstest Applikationssicherheit

Remediate vulnerabilities

You want to provide your customers with a good and secure product or just want to ensure that purchased software meets your security requirements? With an application penetration test you can achvie this goals. We identify vulnerabilities in your applications before they lead to severe problems for you or your customers.


Web applications

With our web application penetration tests your application is not only tested for the OWASP Top Ten. Advanced security and configuration hints and recommended hardening tasks allow your application to protect from unknown threats.



We analyse your native Windows or Linux applications, as well as rich-clients based on .NET or Java. Vulnerabilites in your application or security architecture are unconvered with our penetration tests.


Mobile Apps

Our experts test your mobile app for important vulnerabilities. We identify the OWASP Mobile Top Ten as well as other plattform specific flaws. All related web services are also covered by this test.


IoT / Embedded

A connected world has access to your environment. A Internet-of-Things or Embedded penetration test helps you to ensure that this is safe. No matter if you develop a smart toaster or SCADA-systems: we will make it secure.