Secure your IT

It is a great challenge to build a secure IT infrastructure or safeguard an existing one these days. Various system are required to be permanently accessible from anywhere due to the increased networking.  But the requirements for IT security constantly changes at a high rate. Our consultancy on infrastructure security raises your IT security to a new level. We support you with the design and the hardening of your IT systems, as well as the establishment of an IT security concept.

How we consult

To allow our advice to become as comprehensive as possible, we get together with the responsible positions, to discuss essential IT security objectives. We do not only focus on the technical staff, but also include management, HR, operations and other relevant units. We provide support for your businesses IT in the following areas:

• Security concepts: We analyze business processes and their corresponding IT components. We then evaluate the IT security objectives together and elaborate measures to protect your business.
• Design: Especially with the launch of new IT projects, the security requirements can be efficiently implemented. We support you with the design on a secure IT architecture.
• Hardening: Even attacks against already established systems, may be mitigated with available resources. You can benefit from this potential, to substantially impede attacks, with our advice on hardening measure.

What you can expect

Together we establish IT security solutions tailored to your needs. We assure that all requirements are considered, with the use of structured interview with all participating parties. Subsequent to the information gathering, you will receive a detailed report including the identified measures. These measures comprehensively described and priorized, to allow you to achieve a secure IT infrastructure as quickly as possible. The results are presented on-site, to address any open questions.