Infrastructure security

Infrastructure security

We make your IT infrastructure secure

A secure IT infrastructure is the base for the protection of your Data: The most secure application is worth nothing, if the database is exposed to the Internet. Due to the increased networking in the context of the industry 4.0, but also the advancing home automation, the requirements for IT security have been massively raised. Concurrently, the speed at which the development in IT security progresses, as been greatly accelerated.

We offer multiple packets for the topic infrastructure security, which are available bundled or individually, allowing you to face this challenge.



We support you with the design of you IT systems and assist you with the system hardening. We focus on mitigating the impact of possible vulnerabilities.



Security starts in the mind. Make sure you are prepared for current threats, with our awareness training for your employees.


Penetration test

We attack your IT infrastructure, to provide you with a realistic picture of your actual IT security state. You can enhance your security with specific measures.