APT Simulation


Find vulnerabilities

Test the emergency: in a realistic scenario how your IT reacts to a professional attacker. We analyse which defence mechanisms actually work and where is place for improvement.

Our approach

Together with you we define the objectives for the simulation. The next step is to prepare the attack: we collect all relevant information and build our customized malware. We tailor this depending on the defined goals and the expected defence mechanisms.

If all prerequisites are met, we start we the actual attack. An ethical approach is very important for us, so we stick strictly to your specifications. If we get to a point, where there a doubts, we will contact you in advance, to prevent any problems.

After finishing the defined scenario, we give you a detailed feedback about our findings. If we placed any software on your IT infrastructure, this will be deleted completely and any changes will be reverted.

What you can expect

You receive a detailed report with the identified vulnerabilities from us. We extensively explain the criticality of the vulnerabilities and what impact they have on you effectively. We provide you with all the means to reproduce the found vulnerabilities yourself. Furthermore, we include specific instructions on how to sustainably remedy the vulnerabilities. You receive the report within one week in advance of our concluding discussion, allowing you to read it carefully and prepare any open questions. Naturally, we are available for any ensuing requests as well.