Application Security

Our experts support you with application security and secure development. With our services we ensure, that your software is secure.

    • Consulting: We support you right from the beginning, so security is considerend during the design phase and development. This is not only cost-effective, but also protects your reputation.
    • Training: Your developers should be up-to-date to current development topics – including security. With our trainings your developers know how to prevent vulnerabilities.
    • Penetration tests: Quality Assurance on the highest level. We identify vulnerabilities in your applications, before attacks can exploit them.

Infrastructure Security

A secure infrastructure is the foundation for the protection of your data and services. Our services in Infrastructure Security help you to harden your IT.

    • Consulting: We help you in building a secure IT infrastructure. Together with your IT staff we will design and harden your systems in a way, that makes it hard to attack them.
    • Training: No technical solutions will help, if the human side is the issue. Our awareness trainings provide your employees with all relevant knowledge about current threats.
    • Penetration tests: Reocurring scans, Security Quick Checks and simulated attacks using highly specialized malware: We thoroughly test assess your IT infrastructure.

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IT security from Munich

Developing secure software is a greater challenge than ever before. The increased connectivity does not only increase the attack vector, the severe implications also lures numerous cyber criminals into finding vulnerabilities. We want you to be able to concentrate on the essentials: Providing a unique experience to your customers. We take care that this experience is secure.

The secure development or the secure operation of software also requires a corresponding infrastructure. The most secure application is means nothing if the basic IT suffers from severe vulnerabilities. We support you with the protection of your core components, so you can defend against persistent attacks.

We, the Securai, are your Partner for penetration tests and secure software from Munich.