Penetration tests

Infrastructure security penetration test

Close vulnerabilities

Your IT infrastructure is the foundation of your business success and needs to be available at all times. However, the increasing connectivity broadens the attack surface. Our penetration tests reveal vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructure, before an attacker has the chance to do so.


Security quick check

Would you like to obtain a quick overview of the security level of your IT? We developed the security quick check for this scenario. We analyze your technical and organizational security and determine which possibilities targeted attacks have.


Infrastructure penetration test

We audit your IT infrastructure in-depth and look for vulnerabilities in your systems. The focus of this process, is the manual analysis by our experiences professionals. We also take advantage of various automated tools, covering basic tasks such as information gathering.


Attack simulation

How does your IT act in a worst case scenario? We attack your IT in the course of the attack scenario with specialized malware. We attempt to reach a previously defined goal. An ethical method is our highest priority.


Reoccuring scans

IT security is a fast-moving area. We test your IT in regular intervals for vulnerabilities, to keep you up-to-date. An experienced penetration tester confirms the plausibility of the automated results, to minimize your effort.