Awareness training


Closing vulnerabilities

Our awareness training makes sure that your employees are up-to-date in terms of IT security. We use clear examples and intriguing live demonstrations to give your employees a better understanding, how attacks occur and above all, how each IT user may contribute to the business’s security.

What you learn

Our experts inform your employees about modern attack methods with the use of contemporary examples. We illustrate how malware spreads to the masses with live demonstrations. Not only do we present phising attacks, but also malware infections through the web browser. We execute current malware in a virtual machine and show the participants what consequences may be expected. Furthermore, modern attack scenarios for targeted attacks are demonstrated and we explain in detail, how professional attackers act. We also provide clear recommendations for action for your employees, on how to avert such attacks in a timely manner.

What you can expect

This vivid training is not only constantly refined and adapted to current events, it also features examples with information specificly tailored for your business. We conduct research in advance of the training, to identify possible attack vectors and adjust the examples to represent how professional spear-phising attacks are accomplished. We optimize the learning experience with the direct reference to your business. Not only your employees profit from the clear measures , but also you as an enterprise increase the defense of the human link.