Secure development

The attack surface of applications increases, due to increased networking and constant availability. Requirements concerning IT security have to be urgently implemented. Expenses to remedy vulnerabilities massively increase if they are not discovered before the software is in operation. In addition to the increased costs, disruptions of the operation, as you and your customers are required to implement new software versions. Various vulnerabilities, like issues with the software architecture, are almost impossible to remedy later on.

You can include all application security relevant factors in your development process early on and prevent unpleasant surprises, with our advice on application security.

Our way of consulting

All relevant basic information about your application, its purpose, the data flow as well as the required safeguards are determined in a kick-off workshop. Subsequently, we develop a security concept, specially attuned for your requirements. This does not only include customized suggestions for the software architecture, but also measures on how security can be included in the development process. Our approach is to help you design your software in a secure manner and thereby mitigating any vulnerabilities. With precise instructions on how to implement authentication, authorization management or session management, you can save time and be rest assured that you are up-to-date in terms of security.

What you can expect

Starting with our cooperation you will receive detailed advice and measures on how to implement security requirements in your process. We will assist you throughout the complete development process and help you find functional and economical solutions for any uncertainties. We gladly support you even further with training for developers and a conclusive application penetration test.