Periodic scans


Close vulnerabilities

New vulnerabilities for software and other IT components are constantly discovered. It is not trivial to stay up-to-date: Each single application has to be checked individually, if security updates are available. We periodically check your most critical infrastructure, your servers exposed to the internet, with our automated vulnerability scans.

What we test

To provide the best possible protection against infrastructure vulnerabilities, we conduct periodic automated scans. We do not only analyze if your infrastructure changed, but also if all relevant security updates are installed and if your configuration has been hardened accordingly. We utilize with vulnerability scanners as well as with tools, specially developed for such tests. Our experienced penetration testers verify the plausibility of the results, practically eliminating false positives, in order to make your work as efficient as possible.

What you can expect

We assess your external infrastructure weekly, biweekly or monthly. Subsequently, you receive a detailed report about possible changes in your infrastructure, like new services, as well as a list of all identified vulnerabilities. The report also includes an explanation, what effects the listed vulnerabilities have on your business. The enclosed prioritization of the findings helps you to raise the security as quickly as possible to an appropriate level. We relieve your IT employees from further work, with our manual retest, so you can concentrate on the implementation of our recommendations.