Security Quick Check


Closing vulnerabilities

We examine the basic security of your IT infrastructure in the course of a quick review. With the Security Quick Check, we provide a clear overview of your current security level and how you can improve your security as efficiently and quickly as possible.

What we test

We analyze your infrastructure security on various levels:

• External security: We examine your internet connection and publicly accessible services, to defend against direct attacks over the internet.

• Internal security: What happens if an attacker reaches the internal network? Possibilities include malware infections or the simple connecting to the internal network.

• Organizational security: Organizational level security measures are required. We verify which recommendations have been implemented and how you could still improve.

• Protection against targeted attacks: What happens in the case of an emergency? We determine which measures are effective, if a savvy attacker targets your business.

Our approach

We examine your internet connection from our office and take the gathered intelligence to our on-site appointment. Subsequently, we test your local network with our equipment and identify further attack vectors. The audit is rounded off with interviews with all relevant contacts, such as IT executives, but also business managers, human resource managers and data protection authorities.

What you can expect

You receive a detailed report with the identified vulnerabilities from us. We extensively explain the criticality of the vulnerabilities and what impact they have on you effectively. We provide you with all the means to reproduce the found vulnerabilities yourself. Furthermore, we include specific instructions on how to sustainably remedy the vulnerabilities. You receive the report within one week in advance of our concluding discussion, allowing you to read it carefully and prepare any open questions. Naturally, we are available for any ensuing requests as well.