Welcome to the Securai Blog!

Welcome to our Blog!

Dear Readers,

good to have you here! We relaunched our new website and hope you enjoy our new design. At the same time we started the Securai Blog! This is the blog to read for software developers, administrators and technical project managers who actually care about IT security.

What you can expect from our Blog

Every Friday at 12:00 pm we will publish a new article about one of the following topics:

  • Application Security: We give insight into the challenges of secure software development and how to battle them. We also show you how to avoid pitfalls. We cover basic topics as well as specific, more complex questions about app sec. We will blog mostly about web appications, mobile apps, rich clients and embedded / IoT devices.
  • Infrastructure Security: You can’t protect your applications, if your IT infrastructure is vulnerable. Because of this, we cover topics about hardening your IT systems and how to sustainably protect them. We not only cover configuration recommendations. We also show measures to improve your security automatically and cost-effective. We will provide you with handouts and information which you can directly hand to your employes.
  • Penetration Testing: To do the best we can, we research in the field of pentesting. Additionally we constantly improve your methods to give you the best results. We love to share our experience with you, so you can brace yourself against current attacks.

Additional Topics

In order for you to get most out of our blog, we work together with partners from the areas of IT law and privacy. With this concept we provide you with a central blog to read to get you up to date with topics that cover your needs.

In between our weekly blog posts, we love to share other exciting news about our lifes as Securai.

If you have any sugesstions for our blog, or would like to have a specific topic covered, please drop us a note. We look forward to hearing about your ideas!

Please note that our Blog is mainly focussed for German audience. We try to translate every articlewe have, but may not always make it. Sorry for that inconvenience! If you need specific information about a topic, just contact us and we will help you with that!

We hope that you learn something out of our articles and enjoy browsing through them. Our first article covers the secure storage of passwords and was written by our penetration tester Reimar Fritz. It will be available at 4th of August.

Christoph Haas

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