Quality management


Rich client penetration test

Analysis of a C++ application for the management of measurement data. Furthermore, the software architecture was also subject of the audit.


The task

The software of one of our customers was developed for the administration of quality management data for the production. The company requested a vulnerability assessment of the software. In addition, the basic software architecture of the should be examined.


Our approach

We used the IDA Pro decompiler to analyze the inner workings of the C++ application. Furthermore, all network connections of the software were examined and tested if the communication could be modified. The audit concluded with the analysis of the basic software architecture.


The added value for the customer

We received very positive feedback from the company for the results of our penetration test. Even though critical vulnerabilities were discovered, a plan of actions could be elaborated with the support of the Securai, to fix the vulnerabilities and secure the software architecture.

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