Security quick check

Conduct of a security quick check and the a subsequent awareness training for all employees.


The task

A company in the semiconductor industry wants to strategically approach the topic of IT security. To establish an overview of the current state, a security quick check should be performed to provide a base audit.


Our approach

The experts of the Securai initially examined the IT infrastructure over the internet. Subsequently, an local assessment of the internal network was performed. In the course of the evaluation, security measures for targeted attacks were elaborated. The technical assessment was concluded with an analysis of the organizational security with interviews with those responsible for IT in management, as well as other positions in HR and data protection.


The added value for the customer

After the analysis of all subsections, a detailed report was prepared. The most important measures, with the highest impact on the security level, were listed. Additionally, after the delivery of the report, a debriefing was performed to address any open questions or issues.

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